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Plan For Interruptions

Posted on: January 10th, 2013 by Geoff Gilbert No Comments

Stress caused by constant interruptions is well known for most lawyers.

The stress comes from not getting what you planned or needed to do completed that day or week.

How many times does your day get interrupted by something unexpected? If this happens often, carve out time for interruptions when preparing each day’s plan. Don’t fill every hour of your day with specific tasks. Leave room for the unknown or unexpected. For example: The new client that needs help immediately; dealing with the latest surprise demand from opposing counsel; or even the computer crashing. If you plan for interruptions and the unexpected happens, and you don’t get all your work done you don’t feel as bad that it happened when you have left room.

If you get through the day without interruptions, you can use the time set aside for the unexpected to accomplish another task. Or you could go home earlier and enjoy some evening or possibly afternoon time. You will have made a good day even better. This can both reduce your stress and increase life work balance.

Geoff Gilbert is a former practicing CPA at Ernst & Young and business attorney in Montgomery County. He now coaches Lawyers, CPA’s and Executives to help them manage their practices better and enjoy their practices more. Geoff also teaches stress courses at the University of Maryland in College Park. You can reach him through his website at

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