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Hiring the right person is an art.

Posted on: June 10th, 2014 by Geoff Gilbert No Comments

I constantly get asked questions about who to hire.  Hiring the right person is an art.

Once you list all of the tasks you need done and the candidate has the skill set necessary to accomplish those tasks, it still comes down to a decision based on your gut.  Those that are great at hiring decisions are usually very successful.  Logic doesn’t always work.

Here are some quotes from Steve Jobs about recruiting and hiring that give you some insight into how Apple became so successful.  The things I love is how he trusted his gut, wanted smart people who most importantly would fall in love with Apple.

“Recruiting is hard. It’s just finding the needles in the haystack. You can’t know enough in a one-hour interview. So, in the end, it’s ultimately based on your gut. How do I feel about this person? What are they like when they’re challenged? I ask everybody that: “Why are you here?” The answers themselves are not what you’re looking for. It’s the meta-data. ”
Steve Jobs

“When I hire somebody really senior, competence is the ante. They have to be really smart. But the real issue for me is, Are they going to fall in love with Apple? Because if they fall in love with Apple, everything else will take care of itself. They’ll want to do what’s best for Apple, not what’s best for them, what’s best for Steve, or anybody else.”
Steve Jobs

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